loch ness monster Loch Ness monster causes argument between tourism businesses

That Loch Ness monster, always causing problems. The business community at Loch Ness is at odds over the monster, or at least how it’s portrayed.
The man who runs Loch Ness Cruises, George Edwards, says the way a fellow member of the local Chamber of Commerce treats the monster isn’t good for his Drumnadrochit, Scotland business. He says they act as if the fabled monster is a myth. What a crazy idea, right?
According to the Telegraph, Edwards wrote a letter to the chamber, criticizing the approach the Loch Ness Centre takes to the monster as too scientific. He claims customers leave the centre disappointed, after being told the monster is merely a myth.
Tony Harmsworth, who used to be the man in charge at the centre, isn’t impressed with Edwards’ claims. He says that Edwards sells fake photos of the monster. Instead, the centre helps visitors understand the legend and cultural history of the area. Edwards admits that most of the people who take his cruise know it’s all for fun, but says that Nessie is what keeps the tourism business in the area alive.
Hamsworth left his position as editor of the Chamber of Commerce website after he was asked to remove an article that criticizes Edwards. “I was expecting to hear that I had their full support, but they would not back me.”
So far there has been no comment from the Loch Ness monster, though someone has surely contacted its rep.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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