Teenagers as zombies are common, especially when they’re forced to function before noon. Yet they still resemble regular teenagers in appearance.
On Halloween, however, many teens want to slip into something more classically undead. Here, we turn to Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush, showing its Halloween episode Sunday, Oct. 31.
In it, the guys, being groomed as the next hot boy band, take on traditional costumes: werewolf, Frankenstein’s monster, vampire and zombie.
“They needed it to be kid-friendly, and I needed to keep the boys looking hot, foxy, pop and cool,” makeup artist Antonyia Verna says. “They still need to be pop stars and look like themselves.”

Creating a zombie doesn’t have to be airbrushed, as she did on Logan Henderson, who plays Logan Mitchell. The look can be achieved by applying liquid latex with a stipple sponge. Kids can also use Elmer’s glue, applied with a stipple sponge. She also recommends using Kryolan or any kid-friendly greasepaint.
To give eyes that undead look, Verna used purple and black eye shadow, which she put on wet and let drip. For the dried-out lips effect, Verna says to pucker up then paint.

To remove all of this goo, use any cold cream, she says.
The clothing is also easy. Costume designer Elaine Montalvo bought Logan’s outfits at H&M and Zara.
“Logan’s character in the series has a sort of a preppy type of a look,” Montalvo says. “But with a little bit of an edge. We knew we needed multiples for various reasons. We went to our favorite shops, H&M and Zara’s. They provide really great fashionable pieces at a really low cost. We work within a budget, like most families.”
To dress like a zombie, Montalvo suggests heading to Goodwill or the Salvation Army and buying a jacket, shirt, tie and slacks that can be cut up. Plus, it’s best when returning from the beyond that the clothes have that worn-in patina.
“Go to the backyard and get some dirt,” she says. “A little bit of dirt never hurt anybody.”
Henderson had fun dressing as a zombie, and at 20, he still gets decked out for Halloween.
Last year, he went as James Bond. Sounds as if he looked in his closet and saw his tux, which is precisely what happened, he says.
“It ended up working for me,” he says.
And he has been a zombie before – a football player zombie.
The trick to carrying off the zombie look is “the pale, peeling skin and the sunken-in eyes,” Henderson says.
If Halloween is a cold night, Montalvo recommends layering.
“You can add a vest or a jacket or an undershirt, and it can still be part of the costume,” she says. “And I would recommend kids see what they can dig up at home and work with that.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler