lone star james wolk adrianne eloise mumford 'Lone Star's' James Wolk, EP Amy Lippman on the challenges of the two lives“Lone Star,” a new drama from FOX, is Zap2it‘s pick as the No. 1 new show to watch this fall.

Star James Wolk and executive producer Amy Lippman talk about the challenges of a sympathetic character who sometimes does not-so-sympathetic things.

“Bob wants to make people feel comfortable,” Wolk says of Robert/Bob Allen, a con man living a double life in Texas oil country. “His greatest tool as a con man is to make people believe him.”

“I think the most challenging thing for Bob is being everything to everyone,” Lippman adds. “It’s more difficult than anyone could imagine to live two lives. The greatest challenge is to give to all of these people and really he can’t. He’s in two different worlds.”

Robert/Bob really is a con man with a heart of gold. He falls in love with his long con target Cat Thatcher, while simultaneously falling for smalltown Midland short con target Lindsey.

“Midland was a fluke for him. It was never his intention to fall in love
with someone,” says Lippman. “At the the moment, we are embroiled in
an episode that will reveal the origins for both of those relationships … Lindsey, she was just a glitch. I think it speaks to how vulnerable he was to the life that Lindsey had to offer him, which was simple and uncomplicated.”

“I see how conflicted he is about hurting people,” Lippman continues. “It’s an interesting struggle that all of us have in conceiving of the show. What is that balance between him truly being a sympathetic character … and at the same time having really been responsible for putting himself in a position where everybody could potentially lose?”

“Lone Star” premieres Monday, Sept. 20 at 9 p.m. ET on FOX.

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