longmire season 3 premiere robert taylor 'Longmire' Season 3 premiere: Is David Ridges really dead?On the Season 3 premiere of “Longmire,” things are not looking great for the Absaroka County Sheriff’s Department.

Branch survives his gunshot wounds, though somebody was trying awfully hard to kill him — by not only shooting him, but planting a peyote-laced crow feather into his body, under the muscle layer, where it could cause a massive infection. Nice.

The wounded deputy swears up and down that it was David Ridges, who supposedly shot himself on videotape in Season 2. But since the peyote is making Branch hallucinate, he’s not exactly a reliable narrator.

What’s more likely is that it’s one of the handful of White Warrior guys, which are basically the Cheyenne’s version of religious extremists. But Branch is stubborn to a fault and insists he knows what he saw.

Since we’re pretty sure the show isn’t actually going the route of Branch having been shot by a ghost, whatta you want to bet that somehow Jacob Nighthorse and Ridges faked Ridges’ suicide and subsequent funeral pyre? It sounds far-fetched, but what else could it be unless Branch really is losing his marbles?

In other news, Henry is under arrest for Beck’s murder, which is bad enough, but to add insult to injury, Dina stole all his money (so he can’t hire a top-notch lawyer) and Hector, who could at least testify to why Henry has Beck’s teeth, escapes from jail and goes on the run. Uh oh.

We’re confident Walt will handle things, but we sincerely hope not to see Henry in jail all season.

Finally, remember how when we last left Vic Moretti, she was staking out her front door after Gorski checked himself out of the hospital. We were disappointed the show didn’t touch on what happened with that, but perhaps that will be addressed in episode 2.

What did you think of the Season 3 premiere?

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