Listen! It’s the screech of brakes and the sound of metal colliding on Robertson Blvd, that super-chic West Hollywood shopping street.

That must mean Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton is behind the wheel and in the hood again.Evalongori_barso_8817188_600

But no. This time it was Eva Longoria‘s assistant who, according to eye witnesses, had a minor fender bender around 6:30 outside Jordan’s Enchanted Cottage.

The hair salon is a cozy, low-key spot frequented by the Simpson sisters and that snooty style sniper Steven Cojocaru, for whatever that’s worth.

The assistant reportedly took off after the bumper car routine but Eva ran inside so as not to be late for her scheduled haircut/blowout/color/whatever.

Instantly, the blinds were discreetly dropped to ensure the Desperate Housewife’s privacy from the dozens of paparazzi outside, busy snapping anything that moved.

We can’t wait to see Longoria’s new do! And to read the police report.

Photo Credits: Eva Longoria – seen here at the Cannes Film Fest’s closing ceremony – had a crashing good time Tuesday evening on the way to her hair appointment at Jordan’s Enchanted Cottage in West Hollywood. 
WireImage/Tony Barson

Posted by:LATimes