OK, here’s the deal. I ran into Hollywood wunderkind Adam Rifkin last week while walking my dog in the WeHo hood. I stopped to chat for a few minutes with the writer/director/producer and found out all about his new Showtime series “Look” premiering Sunday (Oct 10) at midnight. He even showed me some very cool footage from the series.

We had what I thought was a private conversation about his intriguing show  — a TV take on his 2008 film by the same name —  that dramatically explores the effects of the Digital Age on our society and provides a potent and provocative expose of the erosion of personal privacy.

So imagine my horror when a surveillance video of us showed up a week later on YouTube.

]]>anything in a nightclub bathroom  or squiggle into an ill-fitting swimsuit in a department store stall. Also incorporated into the series is whatever content the characters being observed are tweeting, texting, photographing and/or videotaping and uploading from smart phone cameras or computers to YouTube and/or posting on Facebook. To say this series is like nothing else you’ve ever seen on TV is putting it mildly. It’s alternately creepy, addictive, voyeuristic, fascinating, funny and oh, yes, there is some sex and nudity in the deservedly R-rated series. Can’t leave that out in this Everyone Has a Sex Tape era. Don’t bother looking for any big name actors in “Look.” Adam didn’t want a recognizable face (Sorry, Brad Pitt) in the show because it would take the viewer right out of the perceived reality. But I have hope that because “Look” is being shot in LA — where celebs constantly walk among us — someday we may spot a famous face in the crowd. The opportunity for watch-for-it cameos is endless and I’m sure Adam’s  late pal David Carradine would have totally been up for it. I could also seeing this series taking a global “CSI” tact. Imagine “Look: London” and “Look: Paris.” Adam says he’s excited about the prospect of international sets, but he’d like to start with “Look: New York” as the Big Apple probably has the most surveillance cameras of any city in the US. “Look” is so worth staying up late for on Sunday nights. Do not miss it. You’ll be hooked. I am. For more info, go to Look: the Series website or the Look: the Series Facebook page Follow Zap2it and Elizadish on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news Video credits: Adam Rifkin, Dan Flesher
Shot on cameras from Flip.com

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead