Who knew Jake Gyllenhaal was such a comedian?

"People say actors are brave for taking on certain roles. I say no. What’s truly brave is picking out an outfit to wear in front of this crowd.  I didn’t wear a tie tonight because I wasn’t sure if it should be black or white, or black and transgender."

On prejudice: "The real bravery is the hundreds of you standing up against ignorance, prejudice and discrimination every day. I know Don Imus would agree."

But then he got serious.

On Jennifer: Jennifer is the kind of movie star that we’d all like to hang out everyday. I’d really like to hang out with her everyday.”

Photo Credits: Jake Gyllenhaal, presenting the Vanguard Award at the GLAAD Awards held in the Kodak Theatre to his "The Good Girl" co-star Jennifer Aniston. And if you want to see the surprising lip-smacking finale that had Aniston gasping for air, keep reading.
John Shearer/WireImage


Photo Credits: Wow. Guess Jake must have liked those hot "Good Girl" younger man/older woman love scenes with Jen. Hope Reese Witherspoon doesn’t mind. We know Brad doesn’t.
John Shearer/WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead