looking for mr right sarah lancaster hallmark 'Looking for Mr. Right': Did the Hallmark movie have a happy ending?

It doesn’t get much more romantic than “Looking for Mr. Right,” a Hallmark movie starring Sarah Lancaster as a writer whose reality doesn’t quite match up to the fiction. But did this cheerful romance have the right happy ending? Vote in our poll.

The story of Annie Butler (Lancaster, “Chuck”), a sad writer whose novel depicts the perfect romance with a perfect man, “Looking for Mr. Right” gives the lead two not-quite-perfect guys to choose from. While George the realtor may have appeared to be the right guy, Henry the gardener could be better than perfect.

All of this had to happen before a bookseller’s expo in which Annie would be accompanied by her fictional “Mr. Right.”

While totally a fantasy, even the most imaginative of tales needs its “happily ever after.” What should that have been? Pick your own ending below.

Posted by:Laurel Brown