Queen-hug-obama Looks like the Queen of England really warmed up to First Lady Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama and Queen Elizabeth actually hugged! And — according to the Daily Mail — the Queen made the first move!

Well, it wasn't a big old bear hug or a back-slapping bro hug. It wasn't a makeout session, except perhaps politically.

The embrace was a veddy-polite-mutual-arm-draped-lightly-around-the-waist and arm-around-shoulders gesture. (See photo at left)

Which is kinda major. We never saw the Queen warm up to Princess Diana like that, did you?

The two met for the first time earlier on Wednesday when Michelle joined President Barack Obama to exchange gifts with the royals. Mrs. Obama curtsied to the Queen when she first met her and Prince Phillip in the royal's private apartments.

The Obamas gave the Queen and the Duke a cool personalized iPod containing a video of their visit to Virginia and Washington, DC, in 2007.

The royal couple displayed their generation gap by countering with (yawn) the official framed photo of themselves. What, not even a digital photo frame? Jeez …

Shortly afterward, the women were standing next to each other joking about their height difference, which is considerable. As the pair moved closer, the Queen put her hand on the waist of Mrs Obama, who returned the embrace around the Queen's shoulders for a few moments as they chatted.

But according to "Inside Edition," not exactly the official curator of modern decorum, this affectionate display between the nations was not a major breach of protocol. No WWIII yet.

“It’s obvious that it was a mutual sign of affection and appreciated between the Queen and Michelle Obama,” a spokesperson for the Queen told "Inside Edition."  “There is no offense.  The reception was an informal occasion.  There's no breach of protocol.”

And as for advice from Buckingham Palace for future Obama encounters:  “The only recommendation is that you do what you would naturally feel in that environment.”

OK, high five, Queenie!

What do you think of the warm embrace between Michelle and the Queen?

If the Queen hugs you, you kinda have to hug back, right?

Otherwise, you're probably off to the Tower. Clearly, we've been watching too much of "The Tudors."

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