Looper-1.jpgWe got a sneak peek at the upcoming sci-fi film, “Looper” at Wondercon 2012 in Anaheim CA and it looks really cool. Time travel, hit men … how can you resist? Even better, the wonderful Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars. Guess who plays an older version of him? Bruce Willis! That’s got to make you feel pretty darn good about yourself. We got to speak to Gordon-Levitt and director/writer Rian Johnson about the plot of the film, and preparing to play a young Bruce at Wondercon 2012 in Anaheim, CA.

Johnson gives us a look at the plot from this so far under-wraps film, saying,  “‘Looper’ is a time travel movie, and it’s about Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who is a killer. He works for a mob in the future. And the future sends victims back to him to dispose of. Bruce Willis plays Joseph’s older self who gets sent back to him and the whole movie is a cat and mouse between them.”

We asked Gordon-Levitt about being the younger version of Bruce Willis. He says he took a ton of time to prepare. “Most of preparing for this movie was watching Bruce Willis movies, listening to his voice, taking the audio out of his movie to listen to them on my iPod. And then just hanging out with him. And then there were two and a half hours of special effects makeup every morning.”

He says that his mother didn’t even recognize him when she visited the set. “They did such amazing work. I would look in the mirror and think that was my face! It got to the point that on weekends, when I had my normal face, it was weird to me. To have a different face, it changes everything. That’s what I love about acting.”

“Looper” opens September 28th, 2012. Check out another new photo below.

Looper 2.jpg

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