loredana jolie Loredana Jolie named Tiger Woods' alleged 12th mistress. Cheaper by the dozen?Ready for Tiger’s Tail No. 12?  

Meet Loredana Jolie, the latest woman allegedly romantically linked to Tiger Woods.
But that’s according to a report in the NY Daily News from madam Michelle Braun, who says Jolie was one of his faves for his  “three-ways” — “he was rarely with just one girl.”

With so many girlfriends, The Dish Rag can certainly understand why he had to double up. A guy’s only got so much free time. 

]]>Playboy.com features previews several women and one is named Loredana Jolie, who was “Cyber Girl of the Week” in September 2002.

We shudder to think what that title implies…
But keep in mind that at least one of Tiger’s alleged mistresses, Jamie Junger, has denied Braun’s charge that she worked as an escort. 
“The only thing I got from this relationship was a broken heart,” she insisted on TV this week. She also told Dateline NBC, “I loved him. I still love him.”
Who do you believe: the madame or the mistress? Tough call.
Photo: Playboy

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead