loretta lynn getty 2 Loretta Lynn birth certificate reveals true age   Loretta was 15 and not 13 when she got marriedCountry music legend Loretta Lynn is actually 80 years old and not 77, as she has previously said, reports the AP.

You’re thinking — so what? Famous people probably lie all the time about their real age. But the reason this is kind of a big deal is because of her famous autobiography and biopic “Coal Miner’s Daughter.”

In the book, Lynn tells the story of how she was married at the age of 13 to a man who was 21-years-old and with whom she had four children by age 18. It’s a staple of her compelling life story, but it turns out she was not quite as young as she always led everyone to believe.

Lynn’s birthdate, according to her birth certificate, is April 14, 1932. Her marriage license lists her wedding date as Jan. 10, 1948, which would make her 15 at the time — three months shy of her 16th birthday.

The biography never gives an exact wedding date. It just says Lynn says she was 13 at the time she was married.

The AP reports that a spokesperson for Lynn declined to comment but did
say that Lynn has told her before, “If anyone asks how old I am, tell
them it’s none of their business!”

What we don’t understand is why lie? Being married at 15 to a
21-year-old man is really not much better than being married at 13 — we don’t think it detracts
from the story

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