nestor carbonell lost 320 'Lost': 'Orientation: Ryan Station' talks 'Ab Aeterno' with special guest Rick PorterAnother week, another 3-person podcast about “Lost.” I know: the predictability is getting annoying. Luckily, our newest partner in crime, Zap2it’s own Rick Porter, stopped by to add his take on this week’s episode, “Ab Aeterno.” Alongside myself and The Chicago Tribune’s Maureen “Mo” Ryan, Rick stopped by to give his thoughts on the episode that’s got everyone talking this week. Mo, for her part, called in from Wisconsin, while on vacation. That’s dedication, people.

This week’s podcast is mega-sized: over an hour long! Luckily, I only sing for part of it. OK, none of it. I’m not a cruel man. We talked about the structure of the episode, the nature of Jacob/The Man in Black, and even came up with an origin story for the Pier One bench upon which The Man in Black serves up roasted boar for his would-be assassin.

As always, there are a few ways to enjoy the podcast. Below the Hulu embed of “Ab Aeterno” lies an MP3 player that you can use in-browser. Just below that, there’s a link to download it directly to your hard drive. Adjacent to that is a link to the podcast’s feed. The best way, in my humble opinion? Subscribe to the podcast. It’s easy, it’s free, it’s easier than killing the Devil before he gets a chance to speak. While you’re over there, please give us a rating and/or review. We’d love to get as many people listening as possible.

Since we’re gaining a little traction in terms of overall listeners, I’m holding a contest to spur on even more people to subscribe to the podcast. Overall, only a few more weeks until the sucker’s obsolete. The prize? Two sets of Season 1 and 2 of “Lost” on Blu-Ray! That’s right: if you win, you’ll get both seasons delivered to your door.

So here are the rules:

1) You must be a U.S. citizen over the age of 18.

2) You must be following @Zap2itLost and @Zap2it on Twitter

3) You must post the following on your Twitter Account: “Subscribe to “Orientation: Ryan Station,” the #Lost podcast with @Zap2itLost and @moryan:

If we get 250 new subscribers, one person that Tweets the above message will win Seasons 1 and 2 of “Lost” on Blu-Ray. If we get 500 new subscribers, then two people will win both sets as well. Sound simple? It is!

So enter the contest, enjoy the podcast, and stay tuned for “Course Corrections” coming tomorrow!


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