williamatherton1 290 'Lost' adds William Atherton to season sixVeteran actor William Atherton will be part of the final season of “Lost.”

The news comes courtesy of executive producer Carlton Cuse’s Twitter account. Wednesday night Cuse tweeted the following: “Damon and I are die hard fans of this impeckable actor who keeps the barr high and just signed to guest star on the show. Life is good!” That was followed shortly thereafter by, “Yes, it’s a clue.”

So let’s break down the clues, shall we? “Damon [Lindelof] and I are die hard fans …” — Atherton was in the first two “Die Hard” movies. “… of this impeckable actor” — his character in “Ghostbusters” was named Walter
Peck. ” … who keeps the barr high” — he guested as a character named Dr. Barr on “Desperate Housewives” in 2006. “Life is good!” Atherton also had a recurring part on “Life” last season.

Just what Atherton will be doing on “Lost” is still a mystery. He once had a corner on the officious blowhard type (a la Walter Peck, his “Die Hard” character, Richard Thornburg, and Jerry Hathaway in “Real Genius”), but on “Life” last season he played a character who was both sinister and a little bit sympathetic.

Cuse also had a message for “Lost” fans who were scouring his Twitter feed for more information on the show’s final season, which he posted a couple hours after the Atherton riddle: “In reply to several, please don’t kill yourself looking for clues in my other tweets. None there. Seriously!”


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