OK Lost fans, by now you now the drill. You watch the ep, you read the recap, and you're still saying to yourself, in your best Britney impression, "Gimmee gimmee more, gimmee more." Well, luckily for you, I'm happy to do so.

So ask your questions in the comments below, preceded by either the tried-and-true "WAAAAAAAAAALT" or by the newly coined "Bloop." Usually I let you guys ask whatever you like, but please, no questions about either constants or why the outrigger canoe travelling with Locke and Company back to 1988. I have a whole entry planned for Sunday in which I address these two topics, which seem to be confusing a whole lot of people.

So ask away, and we'll answer as many as we can either here on the blog or during the weekly podcast.

And just to add some extra spice to the discussion soup, I want to know your favorite episode this season. How? By answering the following poll, that's how.

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Posted by:Ryan McGee