lost michael emerson hurley 'Lost' auditions: Michael Emerson as Hurley?!With all the hype surrounding the “Lost” series finale on Sunday, May 23, we’ve rounded up the auditions of all your favorite Losties.

Some of them are auditioning for the roles they eventually got, but some of them are definitely not auditioning for the roles we’ve come to love them as.

We already knew that Matthew Fox originally auditioned for Sawyer, but did you also know Yunjin Kim read for the part of Kate, Dominic Monaghan read for Sawyer and Michael Emerson read for Hurley?

We suspect the Emerson video might be a special spoof tape they made for Comic-Con but still. We cannot picture anyone other than Jorge Garcia uttering all those “dudes” over the last six seasons and Michael Emerson is so ingrained to us as the creepy Benjamin Linus … hilarious.

Which audition tape is your favorite?

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Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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