OK, ladies and gents, it’s feedback time. I need your help. I’m not usually one to ask for help. I mean, I’m a proud man. More often than not, I am in fact too proud to beg. Just how I am. But even I recognize a time and a place in which I must reach out to my fellow Lost fans and seek guidance.

Here’s the issue at hand: we’re rapidly coming to a close on Season 3 episodes for inclusion in the We Have to Go Back series. Shocking, I know. I mean, it seems like only yesterday, but it was actually back in early June. That means that this endeavor has lasted longer than most of the romantic relationships of my life. (Also, look how short that first entry in the series was. My God. Most now run the length of novellas. I’m not sure if this is progress or not.)

But with the end of Season 3 comes a crossroads. After all, I took over this blog in between Seasons 3 and 4, which meant I discussed each episode of Season 4 at great length as they aired. So here’s the help I need: should the "We Have to Go Back" series end with "Through the Looking Glass"?

Here are the pros and cons as I see it for ending the series at that point.


  1. The purpose of the endeavor was to provide a comprehensive guide for Lost fans. Recapping the first three seasons with the same attention to detail as my Season 4 recaps creates a complete encyclopedia of Lost information for both casual and hardcore fans.
  2. Since Season 4 is the most recent season, there’s less room to really explore the "what we now know" aspect that’s pervasive throughout the series.
  3. With Season 5 rapidly approaching, the site’s best served in reviewing the upcoming Season 4 DVD release and start speculation on what’s to come.


  1. The Season 4 recaps weren’t structured in the same way as Seasons 1-3. Therefore, in an effort to truly create a cohesive set of recaps, I should apply the "We Have to Go Back" format to Season 4’s 13 episodes.
  2. There’s enough interest in rewatching Season 4 for clues that another few weeks of the series would be worth it. I can simply skip Sections 4 and 8, link back to the original entry, and do "Mythology," "The Moment," and so on.
  3. Given that this is a non-spoiler site, there’s only so much Ryan McGee-esque speculation you could take without wishing you had died in the Purge.

OK, so with that said, I’m going to leave it up to you. And while I know it’s cheesy to beg for comments, I really want as many of you to chip in as possible. Post "Push the Button" if you want me to continue "We Have to Go Back" through Season 4, and "Turn the Failsafe Key" if you would like it to end with "Through the Looking Glass." The choice is entirely yours. Choose wisely.

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Posted by:Ryan McGee