We’re almost at the end of Stage 2 of the We Have to Go Back project. I know, wicked exciting and stuff. I’m sure your sleep habits have suffered as we’ve approached the return of Desmond Hume into the Lost universe. But if you’ll indulge me briefly before the end of this leg of the journey, I’d be much obliged. But don’t worry: it’s not like I’m going to pull a Season 2 on you and post a rerun of an old entry. That would be straight up cruel of me.

I do, however, have two small requests, both of which are less painful than having blood samples drawn by Pickett.

The Facebook group. We’re at 157 right now over at our Facebook group, and I’d like to push that up a tick. I’d love to have it around 200 by year’s end, but that’s a long-term goal. Right now, I’m aiming for 175. Not only does that feel like a manageable number, but it’s also a product of The Numbers (108+42+15). Sure, 108 is merely the product of all six primary Numbers, but did you really want me to type all that out? Exactly. (Update: Yea, math’s not my strong suit. But the goal remains the same.)

It’s a fun group that can always use new blood. We have an active comment board and at least 2-3 extra discussion threads a week. If you’re a high school or college-aged reader, you’re already on FB 10 hours a day. If you’re older, you need not feel like Chris Hanson’s watching you. I encourage those already on the group to either leave some positive feedback about the group below or recruit some new members.

The podcast. Another season down, another podcast. That’s right, the wife and I will be taking a look back at Season 2 this week, and rather than pose my own questions, I want yours! Leave any and all questions you want answered in the podcast below: just make sure they are Season 2-centric. They can certainly touch upon events before and after, but should have their roots in Season 2. I’ve spent the better part of the last two months rehashing the season: now it’s your turn to let me know whatcha want, whatcha really really want.

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Until next time, namaste, and…leave your questions and comments below!

Ryan also posts every 108 minutes over at Boob Tube Dude, then peruses Zap2It’s Guide to Lost Facebook group. He also encourages you to leave questions for the producers and cast of Lost here.

Posted by:Ryan McGee