lost finale theories 320 'Lost': Celebs, cast members share their theories on how it endsJust about everyone has a theory on how “Lost” will end — including some of the show’s celebrity fans.

Over the past several weeks, Zap2it has been asking various celebrities, TV writers and producers and current and former “Lost” cast members — those who don’t have first-hand knowledge of the ending, anyway — how they think the show might conclude. Their responses range from “We don’t have enough time” to a jokey “It’s all a dream” to “I just hope we get some answers.” (Here at Zap2it, we have a list of 10 questions we’d like to see resolved.)

Here’s a sampling:

Fergie: “This could be an hour-long interview. There are a lot of biblical references I’m finding [that I remember] from my catechism classes and communion classes, so I’m seeing a lot of parallels there. I haven’t gotten to the end, obviously — nobody has. We’ll see what happens.”

Jane Leeves (TV Land’s “Hot in Cleveland”): “I’m just hoping the ending is not going to be about some monster trying to get off the island. I hope there’s real meat to it; I want there to be some meaning to the whole thing.”

Daniel Roebuck (Dr. Leslie Arzt): “I think it’s Arzt’s dream, that’s what I’m thinking. They may have a different idea.”

Harold Perrineau (Michael Dawson): “I don’t even have a theory, because after the first two years I stopped guessing. They flashed sideways — who could’ve guessed that one? I just stopped guessing, man. We’ll see how it goes.”

Chris Fedak (co-creator of “Chuck”): “I’m a big fan. I do have
lots and lots theories, but I don’t want to take up an hour of your
time. Those guys are amazing over there.”

William Mapother (Ethan Rom/Ethan Goodspeed): “At this point, especially after [‘Across the Seas’], I have no idea. They’ve allowed themselves — they’ve kind of broken all the rules. They could leave Jack on the island, they could send Jack up in a rocket, they could burn Jack up, they could throw Jack in a hole. I have no idea.”

Jillian Michaels (“The Biggest Loser”): “I don’t know, and it’s getting increasingly confusing. It’s starting to worry me. I want some answers. I have invested five years of my freaking life into this thing, so they better wrap it up with a pretty little bow on the top. I keep thinking, ‘You’d better tell me what the hell is going on over there!’ I don’t know, but I am giving them the benefit of the doubt until I watch the very last frame.”

— Additional reporting by Christine Law, John Crook and Jay Bobbin

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