Hey, Lost fans. Just letting you know that I'll once again be hosting a live chat here on the blog for the third episode of the season, entitled "Jughead." What does the title mean? Well, you'll just have to watch and find out. But I hope you watch while chatting here with us.

I'd like to think our first chat session was a rousing success. Go here and see what you missed, if you haven't already. I'll be starting the chat about fifteen minutes before the episode airs on the East Coast, and ending about fifteen minutes afterwards. I'll be posting poll questions throughout the ninety minute period, as Zap2It's finest share their thoughts live with you as the episode airs. We averaged over four hundred comments per hour last week, much like Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman, we're just gettin' warmed up.

And trust me, people. You do NOT want to miss this week's episode. It might crack my All Time Top Ten before all is said and done. It's THAT good.

If you participated in last week's chat, I hope to see you here again. For those that missed it, come join the party. Hope to see you here around 8:45 pm!

Posted by:Ryan McGee