evangeline lilly lost s6 320 3 'Lost': Chat live about 'What Kate Does' Tuesday, Feb. 9Well, that was quite the “Lost” week that was, no? In the sideways version of this week, things were calm and normal, but over here in our timelines, things were crazy. Crazy good, for the most part, but crazy all the same.

We’re going to try to keep things going next week: I’ve got another edition of “Letters from the Flame” coming soon (in which I answer your burning questions), the latest in the “Great ‘Lost’ Debate” series, and a little something special that I’m keeping to myself for now. Also included? Another live chat leading up to the next episode of “Lost,” entitled “What Kate Does.” And while some of you might groan at the thought of a Kate-centric episode, remember that the last one, “Whatever Happened, Happened” was outstanding. No hate, y’all. Or I’ll steal your bag of magic ash.

We’ll kick things off at 7:30 pm ET Tuesday, (Feb. 9). We’ll talk theories, sideways timelines and the Temple, and have some fun at the expense of the text that will run along the bottom of the screen during the “enhanced” version of “LA X, Part 2” that will precede the new episode.

Hope to see you there!

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