So “Lost” comes to a close today (Sunday, May 23).

It’s kind of hard to believe that this six-year journey we’ve been on will conclude in just hours. 
For fans, it’s weird enough. But imagine how the show’s writers and producers and actors are feeling right about now.
Last night, on the eve of the series finale, many of them — including Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, Eddy Kitsis, Adam Horowitz, Elizabeth Sarnoff, Kim Dickens, Harold Perrineau, Nestor Carbonell, William Mapother, Allison Janney and Titus Welliver (The Man In Black) — gathered at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles for “Dharma Station: UCB – A ‘Lost’ Comedy Event” hosted by Paul Scheer (“Human Giant,” “The League”) and Rob Huebel (“Human Giant,” “I Love You, Man”).
I snapped some fuzzy photos, take a look…

Huebel and Scheer, playing ABC network executives, tried to convince Cuse and Lindelof to keep “Lost” going a little longer. After taking a second to mull it over, Cuse replied, “No, there’s no f***ing way.” 
Shortly thereafter, Harold Perrineau (Michael) hit the stage so the suits could pitch a few new ABC show ideas to him. At the top of the list? “$#*! My Smoke Monster Says,” which might sound a lot like that new Shatner sitcom CBS just picked up, but they assured us, this idea is different.
Ultimately, however, Perrineau just decided to accept their offer to do a 42-episode arc on “V” and network exec #2, Gary Something-or-other (Scheer), reminded us all to check our “V” countdown clocks, there’s only so many minutes left until the next ep! 
Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell) then appeared, giving us a first-hand look at a meeting with the Others, during which, he was asked questions such as “Who’s been stealing all my anti-wrinkle cream? Is it you?” — you know, ’cause he’s so old — “Are you wearing eyeliner?” and “Like, what’s our deal? I mean, I know we hide and kidnap people, but…” Alpert was not amused. 
We then traveled back in time to watch Al Pacino‘s (Titus Welliver doing a spot-on Pacino impression) “Lost” audition for the “Man In Black” part. When the suits told him they’d let him know, because they had a few other actors to see, he got very defensive. Immediately assuming Robert De Niro was coming in, he announced “… because Bobby’s fat, you know?” 
Ethan (Mapother) stopped by to reenact the “Who isn’t on this Oceanic flight manifesto?” scene, showing us how it actually went down. Let’s just say Jack and/or Hurley might’ve gotten raped. 
Adam Scott of “Party Down” and “Parks and Recreation” reenacted his audition for Sawyer six years ago. The scene he read involved Claire and there was a lot of nickname ad-libbing that may or may not be considered offensive to women… and Australians… and humanity.
Of course, there was also Daniel Faraday (Chris Hardwick, “Web Soup,” “Singled Out”) doing stand up for the first time. FYI, he too wonders why he’s the only American-sounding child in an all-British family.
Writer-producers Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz —  whom Topher Grace (“That ’70s Show”), evidently a huge “Lost” fan, walked over to meet just before the show began  — also hung out, answering some burning fan questions and telling a few secrets about the show. Before beginning, Kitsis spotted Damon and Carlton sitting in the audience and said, “Maybe you’re not cool with this, but f*** you, we don’t work for you anymore.”
But the two that really came with the spoilers were these clowns. Yes, one is wearing a Sheldon Cooper “Bazinga” t-shirt and the other is sporting David Boreanaz as “Angel” (and no pants). 
But we won’t go there. Clearly, we all want to watch the series finale of “Lost” as it is meant to be viewed… on the small screen with no idea what’s coming next.
That’s your plan for tonight, no?

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