daniel dae kim2 lost 320 'Lost': Daniel Dae Kim says to prepare for 'emotional impact'The end of “Lost” is fast approaching, with only four episodes (including the two-hour finale) remaining. The cast has already finished filming, and Daniel Dae Kim says the end of shooting brought a wave of emotions for the cast and crew.

“There was celebration, there was pride, there was sadness,” Kim, who plays Jin Kwon on the series, tells Zap2it. “And there was a sense of accomplishment, I think, that all of us had taken this ride for six years together and were bringing it to a close together, and on our own terms. I thought that was really moving.”

Kim also talked — a little — about what to expect for the remainder of the series, his favorite Jin-Sun episode and his new job on CBS’ “Hawaii Five-O” remake. More of our conversation follows.

Zap2it: I don’t want to lead you too deep into spoiler territory, but what can you say about what the final episodes hold for your character?
Kim: What I’ll say about the final episodes is I feel like there’s really — for people who have watched the show from the beginning, I think there’s a heavy emotional impact that it leaves. And I think … hmm. I just want to stop there. The heavy emotional impact it has, and I felt it very strongly after I finished reading it. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Once I finished the [finale], I actually had to put it down and just stop what I was doing for a few minutes, because it resonated so deeply within me. In many ways it was really satisfying.

Do you have plans to watch the final episode? Do you even like to watch yourself on screen?
Do I like to watch myself? That’s a different question [laughs]. My kids are big fans of the show, so my family and I have sat down to watch every episode. I’m not sure where I’m going to be on the 23rd, but if I’m around family or friends, I’ll definitely make it a point to sit down and watch with someone I care about.

Do you have a favorite Sun-Jin episode?
I’d have to go back to the first season. I like the one called “… In Translation.” It was the second Sun [Yunjin Kim] and Jin episode of Season 1, and it’s the one where we all, including myself, discover what Jin’s backstory was and why he became the man we saw in the pilot.

What was it like this season to revisit at least a version of the character from early in the series?
I actually found it refreshing. It was an illustration of how far Jin had come from the character he was in the pilot to the man he became in Season 5 and Season 6. Whereas I was a little bit concerned about his character in the pilot, I was able to play that character again in Season 6 and think, “Wow, he was like this.” And I could celebrate it because he’d progressed so far.

There’s been some confusion over whether Jin or Sun is the “Kwon” on Jacob’s list of candidates. Can we assume that gets resolved?
Absolutely. It will become clear.

You’ve managed to land your next acting job in Hawaii too. How did filming on the “Hawaii Five-O” pilot go?
It went really well. As much as I missed the “Lost” cast and crew, it was also nice to be on the same island, where I have such strange memories, but with an entirely different group of people and with a whole new character. It was in some ways a refreshing change. It’s nice to be able to play two different characters. … I was really happy for the opportunity.

It also sounds like it has a good chance to make the schedule.
Anything can happen in pilot season, but so far the things I’ve been hearing have been good.

I think that’s all the time I have — unless you just want to tell me how the show ends.
[Laughs] I think we’re out of time.



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