lost finale 320 'Lost' finale: All the unanswered questions, courtesy of College HumorFor those of you out there who were left a little cold by the “Lost” finale, the great folks from College Humor have compiled a neat little video of all the unanswered questions so you can keenly hone exactly from where your anger stems.

This is basically the entire series summed up in roughly 100 questions left unanswered now the show is over. As someone who liked the warm fuzzy moments of the finale but had some serious problems with what direction the entire show took in the last season, this video is a masterpiece.

What’s really quite impressive about the video is that the finale just aired Sunday, May 23 and this video is up on the internet two days later, complete with clips to correspond with every question left. Excellent.

And hello … DOES anybody want to get into “V”?

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credit: ABC

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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