desmond penny photograph lo 'Lost' finale auction    Real or reproductions?“Lost” is coming to an end on Sunday, May 23 (sniffle, sniffle) and to commemorate this special television series, Profiles in History is auctioning off a ton of stuff from the show. But are they real props used in the show? Or reproductions?

There are too many items up for auction to list them all here, but the ones that really caught our eye were Charlie’s Drive Shaft ring, Rousseau’s music box, Desmond’s picture of himself and Penny (above), Eko’s Jesus stick, Faraday’s journal, the 1977 Dharma new recruits photo, Kate’s toy airplane, the compass Richard gave Locke, Penny’s letter from Dickens’ “Our Mutual Friend,” a set of 30 Dharma fish biscuits and three 16mm Dharma Initiative Orientation films. 

sawyer letter lost 'Lost' finale auction    Real or reproductions?Interestingly, one of the items up for auction is Sawyer’s letter (pictured, right) that he wrote as a child to the man who conned his parents. Except Evangeline Lilly just told the ladies of “The View” that she stole the letter from the set — and then it was lost when her house burned down.

So are these auctions just reproductions and not the actual props? Profiles in History’s press release describes the auction as “the props, costumes and set pieces from ABC’s ‘Lost‘” and the website makes no mention of these being reproductions.

UPDATE: Profiles in History assures us that every single item up for auction is real and not a reproduction. Several copies of various props are made throughout a show’s production but each auction item was a prop used at one time on the show. The Profiles in History site was specifically commissioned by ABC to make these items available for fans and has a stellar reputation working with show business memoriabillia.

So bid away, “Lost” fans! What are you looking forward to bidding on?

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