So, we’re about a third of the way through Season 2 in our We Have to Go Back series. For those of you who are new to the scene here and wondering if you’ve stepped into a time warp, a little info for you: we’ve taken Jack Shephard’s plan to heart and gone back. Back to the beginning of the series, that is, flush with all the knowledge that a fan of the show has accumulated through the first few seasons of Lost.

Now, hopefully you’ve all found this more valuable than a mere series of plot summaries. My primary goal in this (besides, you know, making sure I had enough content to keep this blog going between seasons) has been to see what jumps out at me knowing what I know now. They say hindsight’s 20/20, but I think it’s 4/8/15/16/23/42, thank you very much.

But what I’ve discovered, quite often, in the 30+ episodes that I’ve recapped in this fashion, is just how many tantalizing questions raised early on still haven’t been answered. For some, this is justification for jumping ship on the show long ago. But as far as I am concerned, I revel in the fact that certain mysteries are so huge that it’s taken this long to arrive at the answer. This isn’t some "How much for that doggy in the window?" type of inquiry, but rather deep questions that pervade both the Island but the true nature of the conflict at the heart of Lost. And Season 2’s early goings are chock full of the meat of the mythology of the show.

As such, I find myself with a bounty of topics to discuss. So many that I’m unsure quite where to begin. So, in cases like this, I do what I always do. Drink heavily. And by "drink heavily," I mean "ask you guys for help." After all, I need you to tell me whatcha want, whatcha really really want. If it’s "a zigazig ha," I probably can’t help you, but if it’s answers/theories about the following topics, I’m yer man.

1) Swan Subterfuge. In "What Kate Saw," we learned that the orientation film for the Swan was edited, omitting information about the Swan computer. We know, although our Lostaways don’t, who was behind this fanciful editing. But why was this footage edited? Why would using the computer for communication cause an incident? And how does the Blast Door Map fit into all this?

2) Making a List, Kidnapping Twice. We’ve gotten our first tastes of the many lists that have pervaded the show. Jacob’s made some lists, and so has Ben. But are they the only two? Why bother actually writing them out, as opposed to merely committing them to memory? And just how long has this list-making been going on in the grand scheme of things?

3) The Good, the Bad, and the Dharma. Goodwin tells Ana Lucia that Nathan died because he was not a good person. Nice line of reasoning from a murderer. How do the various groups in Lost decide moral authority over others, and what does it say about the nature of the Island? Moreover, is the Dharma Initiative just another example of such moralizing or do they stand outside, as men/women of science?

4) Black Swan screaming in the dead of night. The main protagonist of the newest alternate-reality game for Lost goes by the handle "Black Swan." What is the significance of this, and how does it impact how we view both the Incident and the Dharma Initiative’s goals as a whole?

There you have it, four topics. Most lists contain three or five suggestions, but those aren’t Numbers, darnit. So they are out. Vote for your top two choices below. Vote early and often. You guys have been quiet lately, and I’m hoping endeavors such as these get the lot of you back into the conversational fray out here. Much like The Temptations, I ain’t too proud to beg. (Which is why I’ll also plug my other article before scooting off for the time being. Lot of Lost goodness over there too.)

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Posted by:Ryan McGee