lost girl syfy 'Lost Girl' review: Syfy's newest Canadian import is sexy, fun and 'Buffy' esqueSyfy’s newest Canadian import, “Lost Girl” (premiering Jan. 16 at 10 p.m.), has found much success in its home country. In fact, it was the highest-rated Canadian scripted series debut ever on Showcase, its network to the North.

So how will it fare on American TV? Well, judging from the first episode, it’ll fit quite nicely on Syfy’s programming slate alongside “Being Human.” 
Anna Silk stars as Bo, a Succubus who doesn’t actually know she’s a Succubus until two supernatural cops track her down after she sucks the life out of a date rapist in an elevator. (How very “Dexter” of her.)
Turns out, she’s part of a supernatural race called “Fae” — and so are the cops (Kris Holden-Reid and K.C. Collins), though they’re different species with different powers. This doesn’t sit well with the “True Blood”-style Fae hierarchy, who force her to fight to the death with some other creepy creatures. When she survives, she has to choose whether to align herself with the light or the dark Fae. 
Since Bo’s a rebel who never even knew this underground, “Harry Potter”-style world existed, she declines to choose, instead staying with the feisty teenager, Kenzi (Ksenia Solo), whom she rescued from the creepy date rapist before. She’s the Robin to her Batman, if you will.
The fast-paced series has a rock-edged soundtrack, mild snarkiness and plenty of sensuality (which is to be expected from a show about a woman who feeds on people’s sexual energy). Bo is a vaguely “Buffy”-esque heroine, who has apparently found a skilled tailor to craft her entire wardrobe out of form-fitting black leather. Which is to say we love it. It’s not exactly groundbreaking TV, but it’s fun, sexy and filled with “Degrassi” alums — easy to watch and incredibly addictive.
Posted by:Jean Bentley