Evangeline_orteg_9049221_600There is now proof positive of the power of prayer and the existence of God.

At least for fans of “Lost.”

After the devastating lack of Emmy noms for the show’s cast, we’ve received confirmation from on high that “Lost” super-sexy tom girl Evangeline Lilly will be a presenter at the Emmys.

Can we get a Hallelujah?

No word on what category she will present. But here’s even more good news: her steady squeeze/costar Dominic Monaghan may also be at the ceremony. And while it’s too soon to confirm whether or not the “Lost” man of reason – Matthew Fox – will also be an Emmy presenter, as of post time, he’s a distinct possibility to hand out an award.

Lilly has been taking a break from shooting "Lost" until she’s due back on set in Oahu on August 5. After doing her big Michelle K footwear launch with a big bash at Kitson last month, she headed out on a vacation to parts unknown. Or at least, parts where she’s still unknown.

"The show is everywhere now,” she explained at Kitson. “I was in South Africa last summer and got recognized in a mall! Maybe I’ll try Mongolia or Timbuktu.”

Matthew was definitely not relaxing. He shot two films during his brief hiatus. First up, “We Are Marshall," shot in Atlanta and West Virginia, about a deadly plane crash (oh, no, not another deadly plane crash) that kills members of a football team and its fans and the new coach who keeps the survivors going. Jeepers. Let’s hope there are no "others" around.

Fox’s other project is “Vantage Point,” a dramatic thriller (or a thrilling drama) about the assassination of the President told from five different perspectives, still filming in Mexico City.

As for what both of them may wear, I’m gonna go out on a limb and predict that Fox will wear a conservative classic tux. But Lilly? She’s literally up for grabs.

Since she’s one of about oh, about four actresses attending the Emmy Awards who can actually fit into a designer sample size, she’ll be major fashion bait, courted by every house from Armani to Prada, Dolce & Gabbana to Dior.

All I can safely predict is that Evangeline is gonna look hot on the Emmy carpet. And not just because of this ungodly summer heat wave.

Photo Credits: "Lost" hottie Evangeline Lilly – seen at her Michelle K shoe party – will be a breath of fresh fashion air at the upcoming Emmys. She’s confirmed as a presenter and a dozen designers will be falling all over themselves to dress this babe.   
WireImage/Albert L. Ortega

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