this off-season, but to me, that particular project is done. And done well, if I may say so. But that doesn’t mean that there’s not particular moments we can’t revisit in light of what went down in Season 5.

To that end, I’m creating the “Light vs. Dark” series, in which I will look at seminal moments in “Lost” by asking the following question: did Jacob or the Man in Black have a hand in fashioning that moment? I want to ask this question about many key moments in “Lost” history because the season finale cinched a theory I’d held for quite some time. That theory? Looking at mysterious events on the Island as the byproduct of a single entity made little to no sense; looking at them as byproducts of two warring entities did.

So, think of “Light vs. Dark” as an addendum to “We Have to Go Back,” in which we’ll look at the involvement of two of the show’s most mysterious figures from the very beginning. To me, doing so will shed a ton of light on the overall arc of the show. I’ll spend next week focused on a fairly related perspective, one I’ll keep quiet about for now. But after that, I’ll start looking back from Season 1 forth at the moments in which either Jacob or the Man in Black attempted to exert their influence on most of the main characters of “Lost.”

But I’ll need your help. I’ve compiled a list of  Season 1 moments I want to analyze at the outset of this project, but I want you to help fill in the gaps. My one rule? We rule out all things Smokey. I want to bracket it aside as a third-party phenomenon now. I've also left off Walt, because to me his unique nature seems separate from either Jacob or the Man in Black. (I'm willing to be convinced of the contrary, however.) But anything else on or off the Island that you feel bears the unseen but keenly felt presence of the Island’s power players is fair game.

With that in mind, here’s my initial, incomplete list

  1. The white light that Locke sees in “Walkabout
  2. A blue-suited Christian Shephard appears in “White Rabbit
  3. Charlie’s guitar appearing above him in “House of the Rising Sun
  4. The cave collapse after Charlie screams “I’m a bloody rock god!” in “The Moth
  5. Claire’s dream in “Raised by Another
  6. Malkin’s prophecy in “Raised by Another
  7. Boone’s fever dream in “Hearts and Minds
  8. Sawyer’s boar in “Outlaws
  9. The curse of the “Numbers
  10. Locke’s dream/legs giving out in “Deus ex Machina

I look forward to reading your additions to that list in the comments below!

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Posted by:Ryan McGee