Well, I’ve been here all weekend at Lost HQ (better known as "my apartment"), crunching numbers and analyzing the results of my impromptu poll last week asking for your feedback. I needed to know how best to fill the weeks between "Meet Kevin Johnson" and "The Shape of Things to Come," the 9th and next episode, airing April 24th. So I offered up a few topics that we could look at over a week-long series, and you responded with your ideas. Turns out you’re all burned out on time travel (not surprising), didn’t much care about the Oceanic 6 or the Chopperrettes (more surprising), and I learned definitively that you did NOT want me to blog using only haikus in the interim weeks between episodes.

That latter point didn’t stop my wife from dropping the following haiku this weekend:

It’s all non-canon
Darlton P.O.’s me big time
Lock ’em in a hatch

Good stuff, but three week’s worth of that? Might be a bit too much.

So, for the next three weeks, I’ll be taking a topic per week, as picked by you, and using it as a springboard for that week’s entries. Each Sunday, I’ll announce that week’s topic, give a short overview of things to be discussed, and then opening up the floor once again to you to post specific questions about the topic at hand, bring up important facts you feel need to be addressed, or just shout WAAAAAALT ‘cuz it feels good.

I don’t intend these long-form analyses to be cumbersome, academic endeavors: they are a chance, while we have one, to take stock of the large amount of information downloaded into our brains over the past eight episodes. While the topics over the next few weeks won’t deal exclusively with Season 4, they nevertheless play an important part in what is shaping up to be the best season of Lost yet. And so, what better place to start with our weekly topics than the Island itself?

Coming in third on your wish list, The Island has shown many unique properties over the years. Unusual in both physical and psychological ways, the Island is a character unto itself, exerting its influence not only to those upon its topography, but far from it as well. Both "The Beginning of the End" and "Meet Kevin Johnson" strongly suggest that the Island’s influence over those who leave is quite real, not merely some figment of guilty conscience.

Intertwined with the Island itself is the mysterious figure of Jacob, barely seen but constantly felt. His absence looms larger than most people’s presences on this show, and the vacuum created by his absence since his appearance to Hurley has informed the majority of action (or inaction, truth be told) by Team Locke. His moving cabin, replete with relics of another time, holds the key to a great deal of the Island’s mysteries. Uncovering that cabin (and the true identity of Jacob) may hold the key to every important mystery on Lost.

Over the next few days, I want to look at some, if not all, of the following topics:

  1. What is the relationship between the Island, Jacob, and the smoke monster? Is it symbiotic, or antagonistic?
  2. Was the Walt that appeared to Locke at the end of Season 3 sent by the Island or Jacob? If Jacob, why would he then hide from Locke over the course of the next few days?
  3. Did the Island/Jacob set in motion the chain of events leading to the crash of Oceanic 815, or merely take advantage of the people onboard to achieve a specific purpose?
  4. What is it about this place that has drawn so many disparate civilizations over the course of humanity? Is it merely a function of electromagnetic anomalies, or is there a psychological/spiritual element that draws those to its hard-to-reach shores?
  5. Assuming Jacob isn’t a human manifestation of the Island’s id, how did that man end up in a cabin asking John Locke to help him?
  6. What do/did Alvar Hanso, Charles/Karen Degroot, Benjamin Linus, and Charles Widmore see when they look at the Island?

These are just a few of the questions I hope to address over the next few days. I’ll fuse those with what piques your particular interest and start something akin to The Others’ Book Club, if you will. Only we need a snappier name than that. The Zap2It Zealots, maybe? Yea, you’re right, too creeptastic.

Suggest a few names below, along with your comments, and we’ll get this club named sooner than you can say "grenade sandwich." Bonus points to anyone who drops a haiku.

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Posted by:Ryan McGee