nunu jorge garcia 'Lost' star Jorge Garcia's dog Nunu killed, didn't leave the islandTalk about a sad and somewhat creepy ending note to “Lost” star Jorge Garcia‘s stay on the island of Oahu.

His beloved pet Chihuahua, Nunu, was hit by a car on the day he was finally leaving the island for good.

]]>Dispatches From the Island, with this report: “It breaks my heart to tell you that yesterday as we were preparing to all go to the airport, Nunu was struck by a car as she crossed the street,” Garcia wrote. “She died in my arms.” He added, “We are burying her in the Pet Garden at Valley of the Temple in Kaneohe. Nunu hated the water, so we couldn’t bring ourselves to having her ashes scattered in the ocean. Three months from now you’ll be able to find a bronze plaque inscribed with just her name there. If you’d like to leave a flower or a toy, I’m sure she’d love it.” Nunu was featured regularly on Jorge’s blog. Poor Nunu. Not everyone made it off the island. Guess she was chosen to stay. Follow Zap2it  on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest celebrity news and buzz. Photo credit: Dispatches from the Island

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead