michael emerson lost s6 320 2 'Lost': Live chat about 'Dr. Linus' on March 9Admit it, “Lost” fans: the title of this episode makes you straight-up giddy. I’m not suggesting we all engage in a group squeal, because frankly, that’s kinda weird. But history dictates that Ben-centric eps kick unholy levels of booty. “The Man Behind the Curtain.” “The Shape of Things to Come.” “Dead is Dead.” I’ll put that trilogy of character-centric eps against the three best of any other character.

When last we saw Ben, he was separated from those that escaped The Temple via Jacob’s secret door. Will he spend the episode on-Island in solitude? What is his seemingly mundane life in the sideways timeline all about? What familiar faces might we see recontextualized this week? Join us for a spoiler-free chat starting at 7:30 pm this Tuesday, March 9th. We’ll chat about the first third of the season and theorize about the next leg of the show’s final season up until gametime.

Hope to see you here!

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