terry oquinn lost s6 320 2 'Lost': Live chat about 'Happily Ever After' on April 6thFor many people, “Ab Aeterno” was THE episode “Lost” fans had most anticipated, short of the series finale itself. But for my money, “Happily Ever After” has the chance to be THE most talked about episode of the final season short of the 2-hour finale. While that’s obviously up in the air, I can easily say no episode title has scared me more in the history of the show. Had they titled it “Razzle Dazzle,” thereby signaling the return of Nikki and Paulo, I wouldn’t be as scared as I am right now.

Why? Because who gets a “happily ever after” in “Lost”? No one, that’s who! At least not so far. We might find out later that certain people may have earned that happiness already, but for right now, it’s a whole lot of missed connections, sad faces, and little to no hope for anything resembling a happy outcome. But what’s the phrase about things being darkest just before the dawn? If the sun went down when Sayid killed Dogen, might we get a peek of sunrise this week? (And no, I don’t actually think every character needs or deserves a “happy ending.” Read this article for a more complete perspective.)

As you can tell, I’ve kept the identity of this week’s central character in the dark. That’s my standard M.O. until the chat itself actually starts, at which point I lift the veil and discuss such things openly. If you think that’s spoiling, well, at least now you know the rules. If you can keep the character’s identity hidden in the comments below, that would be fantastic.

(BTW, if you missed this week’s “Letters from the Flame,” you can check it out here.)

We’ll start the chat this Tuesday, April 6th, at 7:30 pm EST and run it straight through to the start of “Happily Ever After.” At that point, I’ll log off, grab my pillow, and hold onto it tightly for the following 60 minutes.

Hope you can join me! On the chat, that is. Not grabbing the pillow. That might be a little weird.

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