evangeline lilly lost s6 320 3 'Lost': Live chat about 'Recon' on March 16How much do I love the title of the next episode of “Lost“? I love it lots. Now, I don’t know the character around which this next episode is centered, but with the title “Recon,” it seems like a Sawyer-centric episode. If you know for sure, don’t confirm/deny it in the comments below. I already got burned by thinking “Sundown” was a Sun/Jin episode, so having the word “con” in here could just be a way for the Powers that Be to hide the fact that this is a Frogurt-centric episode.

In any case, we’ll be doing our weekly live chat again this Tuesday, March 16th, starting at 7:30 pm EST and ending just before “Recon” ends. Here’s a brief rundown of all things “Dr. Linus”-related on the blog over the past week to ensure you’re as caught up as possible before moving into the almost halfway point of the season. (Yes, halfway point. Unreal. I need a hug.)

“Dr. Linus” recap
“Dr. Linus” podcast
“Dr. Linus” Course Corrections
“Dr. Linues” Reader Q&A

Hope to see you here this Tuesday!

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