daniel dae kim lost s6 320 2 'Lost': Live chat about 'Sundown' on March 2I was going to switch things up and give “Lost” fans 90 minutes of interpretive dance instead of a live chat, but both my lawyers and “common sense” dictated that I just do my usual thing before the next episode. Too bad: I’d worked out this fantastic mix of The Donnas, Donna Summer, an Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer.” It was epic. And now, it will haunt your dreams forever. You’re welcome.

As always, we’ll be kicking things off at 7:30 pm EST. I’ll take questions, host some polls, and take us through the enhanced repeat of “Lighthouse.” And, as always, this chat will be spoiler-free. Though I’m guessing the title of this week’s episode kind of gives away who will get the focus this time around. That’s right: it’s Claire’s creepy doll baby, finally getting the spotlight it so richly deserves.

What? You say it’s probably about Sun and Jin? Oh. Right. That makes much more sense. Good call.

See you here Tuesday!

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Posted by:Ryan McGee