I hope you enjoy yesterday’s first installment of "We Have to Go Back." I’ll be posting my recap of "Pilot, Part 2" tomorrow night, but for now, let’s look at some other Lost-related videos out there on the series of tubes that is the Internet.

First up’s a video made by Zap2It reader Jeff, who posted this before the end of Season 4. Some nice editing on this one, set to a sweet Nine Inch Nails instrumental. The rest come from the various and sundry minds of those Lost fans with more time on their hands than Desmond those three years inside the Swan. Some are humorous; some serious. All enjoyable for those who just can’t watch enough clips of their favorite show.


Locke Just Can’t Wait to Be King

Ben’s Mad World

Requiem for Kate/Sawyer

Lost: At Island’s End

Spongebob Lostpants

Reservoir Others

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Posted by:Ryan McGee