, a mutant with Daddy issues (Legion) goes back in time to kill Magneto in order to spend more valuable bonding time with Papa Charles Xavier. However, Legion jumps back to far, into a time in which Magneto and Xavier are friends. Xavier dies to save Magneto's life,
which in turn allows big baddie Apocalypse to take over the world. In the end, another mutant (Bishop) goes back in time to save Xavier, thereby erasing an Apocalyptic world from existence.

The likelihood:
Well, the daddy issues angle is compelling. But the "Age of Apocalypse" story line plays too much like a "What If? type tale for my liking when applying it to "Lost." Imagine if the show ended with Ben Linus watching reality around him fade, rendering a good chunk of the show's struggle lost and gone forever. You're already tempted to throw your remote at the TV, aren't you?

The "Manni the Gunslinger" Theory

The gist: Named after the moronic boyfriend in “Run Lola Run,” this takes the butterfly effect notion from that movie and applies it to Jacob’s line from “The Incident”: “It only ends once; everything else is just progress.” It also takes its name from the end of “The Dark Tower” series, for reasons I don’t want to spoil since I think it’s a series every “Lost” fan should read before Season 6. In this theory, the alternative timeline looks and feels like the “normal” one, but with just little teeny tiny changes. Like, say, a man going out with his wife to dinner instead of going home. But those small changes have massive implications.

The likelihood: Rather than take a Bizarro Universe approach to an alternative timeline, in which night is day, up is down, and Bai Ling is not annoying, something like this seems like a good possibility. It’s the Anyaka Theory but more broadly applied, in which an army of people, not just one, realize what they should have done the first time through. In this light, only through their mistakes can these people ever hope to reach their potential. And that potential will save the Island.

These are all vague constructions, I realize, and can be played out in multiple fashions. But it’s as good a start as any as we try to reconfigure our “Lost” minds in lieu of the info dropped at Comic-Con. So which one sounds the most plausible to you? Leave your thoughts below!

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