michael emerson lost paley fest 320 'Lost': Michael Emerson teases Ben Linus' flash sideways, teaming with Terry O'Quinn

Ben Linus’ “Lost” flash sideways is merely days away.

Well, a week and one day according to Mr. Michael Emerson, who was kind enough to talk with KTV at The Paley Festival this weekend.  

But as Emerson points out in the clip below, we’ve already flashed sideways with Ben. 
Remember a couple weeks back when B. Linus appeared in Locke’s big episode as a teacher?
Emerson does, but he’s got a different take on it: “Actually, what you saw was John Locke in Ben‘s alternate universe. That’s where the real weight of it is. That’s where the real juice is. So I just wanted to have that cleared up.”
Joking aside, we’ll actually be able to make that judgment for ourselves on Mar. 9 when we do flash over to that reality once again, seeing it through Ben’s eyes this time. “It’s wonderful,” Michael shares. “There’s more to come in that world and it’s a lot of fun and most interesting and very smartly written. It offers up such a beautiful juxtaposition or mirroring or foiling — to use a literary term — for the way those characters usually interact.”
By characters, he is of course referring to Ben and Locke, but will there be other “Losties” popping up in Linus’ alternate story? Relatives perhaps? Maybe his dearly-departed daughter Alex?
“You will see members of Ben’s family in his flash sideways, but none of those relationships are the same as you’re accustomed to them being,” Michael explains. “Familiar faces, but everything’s a little bit tweaked … all the same puzzle pieces exist in both realities. They’re just scrambled differently.”
Speaking of scrambled, we just had to get Emerson’s take on how different Ben will be in this other world: “Ben is like an everyday person. So, yes, he’s quiet, humble, frustrated, [a] much more domesticated kind of character … He has lots of the same personality characteristics. But they’re all in different quantities, the mix is all screwed up.”   
Oh boy. 
And I mean that.
Watch the video for more from Michael, including the status of a possible post-“Lost” on-screen team up with Terry O’Quinn (Locke)… 

— Additional reporting by Marisa Roffman

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