The secrets to “Lost” won’t be revealed by the Muppets, but not for want of trying.

Jim Henson’s famous puppets invade the “Lost” writers’ room in the “Slapdown” video, which sees Rizzo the Rat and Bobo the bear lead a bunch of diehard fans to meet Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.

The writers do okay, but it seems that Lindelof is a little more comfortable in front of the cameras. Perhaps that’s what leads to an awesome “Arrested Development” joke.

Before getting ushered out, the Muppets insist on having at least one question answered. Check it:

Hmm, that was alright, but we like it when the Muppets sing. A musical number about “Lost” would have been most excellent.

The “Lost” series finale airs May 23.

What did you think? Of those other three questions they considered, is that one you would have asked?

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Photo credit: ABC

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen