Danieldaekim_lost_290 How ya doing, “Lost” fans? Because I worry about you. Indeed, I do. Course, I worry about myself as well, given the level of Hatorade dumped on me when I expressed disappointment with some parts of the Season 5 finale, “The Incident.” My “Let’s Kick The Elderly In the Shins ’07” tour didn’t get this much blowback.

So I’m writing here from my newly purchased secret hideout, far from yelling and/or sniper fire, to seek your burning questions in lieu of the finale. And Lord knows there is an embarrassment of confusion from which to select your inquiry. I want to know your specific questions, so I can try and sort out some possible answers over the next week.

One thing I’ll say, all kidding aside: as I thought while watching, the episode divided the audience pretty much in half.  One one side, there were those that loved it like a fat kid loves cake. On the other? Those that started treating Darlton like George Lucas during the era of the prequels. But what I strove to do in my recap was to bridge the gap between the online version of the Army of the Light and the Army of the Dark. I think healthy debate about the show is necessary; I find personal attacks on differing opinion tiresome.

There’s room for both criticism AND praise of the finale, and my assertion that this was the weakest finale so far doesn’t mean I viewed is as some “Stranger in a Strange Land” disaster. But here’s the point I want to really get across as we start the long haul towards Season 6: I want this place to continue to be a place where personal opinion gets debated, not attacked. I’m not any more “wrong” for disliking the way the show treated Juliet in the season finale than another person is for liking it. But you’d swear from comments stated both here on the blog and over on the recap that there’s indeed ONLY ONE WAY TO VIEW THINGS.

Which is, of course, malarky. (I have another word for it, but TPTB suggested I tone it down.) I’m psyched that it looks like my Cabin Christian theory has legs, but that just means I’m now 1-108 in making correct prediction, increasing my previous score of 0-107. It’s not about being “right” for me; it’s about providing enough food for thought that contributes to a conversation not only between the readers here, but the online community that “Lost” has engendered.

And with the slate wiped almost completely clean with the fade-to-white ending, we have a unique opportunity to look at the show from a variety of plausible perspectives in the coming months. You could look at this in a negative way, but honestly, how many shows have this much mystery left in the tank this late in the game? I celebrate it, and not just because it means I’ll never run out of things to talk about in the offseason. Rather, I celebrate it because I know it’ll probably be a long time before we have a show like this again.

So it’s in that light that I’ll be carrying on the blog here in the offseason, continuing to strive to present a place in which everyone feels free to contribute thoughts about the show knowing those thoughts will be challenged, but respected. But most of all? This should be fun! It’s a TV show, not swine flu. I want this site to be a virtual table at your favorite bar, where you’re shooting the breeze, making jokes, and chipping in your $0.02 about “Lost.”

You in?

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Posted by:Ryan McGee