titus welliver lost 320 'Lost': My recap for "Ab Aeterno" is liveWhew. That was…well, that was something, “Lost” fans. More than most episodes, I wish I had a few days with it before posting my initial thoughts. First time through? Didn’t really like it. Couldn’t figure out why. During my second viewing (during which I write up a lot of my recap), I recognized what the problem was: “Ab Aeterno” was so damn different than what I thought it was going to be, that I couldn’t make sense of anything onscreen. The dissonance had me distraught. Second time through? I thought it still imperfect, but miles better than I thought during my initial viewing. It’s below “The Substitute” and “Dr. Linus” in terms of top-to-bottom quality for me, but above everything else. That’s subject to change, naturally, but that’s where I’m at right now.

Most importantly? I realized that this episode is vital for no other reason in showing two of the most pivotal moments in “Lost” history: The Man in Black’s first attempt to leave the Island and Jacob’s recognition that his 100% hands-off approach would always end in failure. Crucial moments, and both feature the heretofore enigmatic Richard Alpert. Right on.

Read my full recap here. Questions for both “Letters from the Flame” and this week’s podcast can be left below. Code word this week: ISABELLA! Now, for some shut eye for yours truly.

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