mark pellegrino lost 320 'Lost': My recap for 'Across the Sea' is liveThis episode of “Lost” broke my usual recapping mojo. I often attack these puppies in a familiar way, using a format based on The Numbers as both an organizational tool as well as a way to stand out among the recap crowd. But “Across the Sea” defied the usual ways of doing things around here, just as the episode itself defied the usual ways in which an episode of “Lost” works. While I’m all for defying convention, I am unhappy to say this experiment left me a little cold.

Read my full recap for the rundown on my immediate take on the episode. I liked its ideas, if not its execution, on the whole. There’s a fantastic amount of insinuation that can be drawn from it, which in turn made the end’s anvilicious and frankly insulting editing all the more crass and un-“Lost” like. These recaps are not the final word on the episode: not only can you comment there and ask your burning questions below (replete with a throaty yell of “SALLLVVVEEEEE” in honor of the Latin-speaking ladies at the episode’s outset), but I’ll be returning later in the week with “Course Corrections” and a podcast with a returning guest. Until then, the floor is yours.

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Posted by:Ryan McGee