hurley mr clucks 320 'Lost': My recap for 'Everybody Loves Hugo' is liveWith a title like that, the tagline sort of writes itself: “Did everybody love ‘Everybody Loves Hugo’?” Well, I liked it. Really liked most of it. You take the good, you take the bad, you take the rest, “Lost” fans, and there you have this episode. Armed with the information gleaned about the sideways world from last week’s “Happily Ever After” coupled with the slightly schizo structure of “The Package,” “Hugo” sought to cover a lot of ground. And sometimes, it tripped over its own two feet while trying to cover it.

Read my full recap here. And I’m terribly excited that I can bring back the oldie but goodie WAAAAAALT as the key word to use in any questions you would like answered about the episode below.

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