henry ian cusick2 lost 320 'Lost': My recap for 'Happily Ever After' is liveI spent nearly 4,000 words what could be easily summed up in five: “Best episode of the season.” But that wouldn’t provide much in the way of commentary, so I stretched things out a bit. It happens. But tonight was the episode “Lost” fans have been waiting for, even if they didn’t know it: it provided a clear cut take on the sideways timeline, brought back beloved characters into the fold, and placed heart above head at all times. Bravo, show. Bravo.

My full take on the episode is here. I’ll be recording the podcast for the episode on Wednesday night, and posting “Course Corrections” on Thursday. If you want your burning question to be addressed in either of those, or in this Sunday’s weekly Q&A post, leave them below, along with a hearty MINKOWSKIIIII. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to stand in a room between two coils that resemble Princess Leia’s hairbuns.

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