lost finale ben hurley 'Lost': My recap for 'The End' is liveYou don’t need me to tell you how you feel about the series finale of “Lost.” All I can tell you is what I saw, and in two and a half hours tonight, I saw the show in a nutshell: its insane highs, perplexing lows, and enough emotion to make me remember that I watch “Lost” for the people that inhabit it more than the mysteries infused within it.

Read my full take here. I’ll be here throughout the week with follow-up entries, podcasts, and further analysis of what just transpired. It was close to nothing to what I expected, but gave me everything important that I needed. What didn’t work was swept away by how much they got right, and specifically, WHAT they got right: namely, emotional resonance and payoff. Bravo, Darlton.

Photo credit: ABC

Posted by:Ryan McGee