daniel dae kim josh holloway lost package 320 'Lost': My recap for "The Package" is liveTonight’s episode of “Lost” was nominally about Sun and Jin, although in practice, Charles Widmore’s shadow hung heavily over the proceedings. In some ways, it felt more like an end-of-season episode, in which action reaches an almost fevered pitch as the show worries that they’ve run out of time and starts to cram event after event as if laying tracks down in front of an already-moving train. So while I was never bored, I didn’t feel like I was watching an episode focused on character so much as narrative. In an ideal world, they focus on both. So something got a little lost in translation, pun intended, this time around.

That doesn’t mean we didn’t get some excellent character moments: the return to Sun’s garden, Jin’s time with a certain camera, and the reestablishment of one of my favorite Season 1 duos (Jack/Sun, working as partners and equals) were all featured to great affect. But in trying to shoehorn the Jin/Sun story alongside the first shots fired of the War of the Island (tranquilizer darts, if you’re keeping track at home), the episode felt at times slightly disjointed.

Moreover, Sun and Jin didn’t actively participate in the instigation of this war so much as react to its initialization. Jack visited a lighthouse, Sayid betrayed the Others, and Sawyer got to play both sides in an attempt to free his friends: neither Sun nor Jin got to do anything that cool this week. The biggest moment belonged instead to Widmore, with his dissertation on why letting Smocke leave the Island might not be so great an idea after all. And the title of the ep? It refers to Des. Since “Lost” almost ALWAYS breaks their character stories in a way that seamlessly merges with the narrative, this felt off to me.

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