elizabethmitchell lost 290 'Lost': One way or The OthersWe’re turning over the entire week of “Lost” entries to a group that’s maddeningly stayed in the relative shadows over the years: The Others. Perhaps no aspect of the show has been as omnipresent and yet still shrouded in mystery as this group. While we’ve seen snippets of the strange energy at the core of the Island and the possible “home” for the monster, we know almost next to nothing concrete about The Others.

So, this week will be less about uncovering truths than about defining what it is we still don’t know. Trying to make assertive claims about a group this enigmatic seems a fair recipe for making myself look like a fool. And while I’m fine making myself look like a fool, I’d rather deploy that skill in order to stop my nephew from crying versus trying to impress you all. I hope you understand.

I’m going to deal with three topics in three articles later this week. Here they are:

1) Culture

When did the social structure colloquially known as The Others start? What defines membership in this society? And what do their actions toward the members of Oceanic 815 indicate about the decay of that society?

2) Morality

In short: Are The Others actually the “good guys,” as stated by Ben Linus at the Pala Ferry?

3) Corruption

This article will focus exclusively on Charles Widmore. I will try to draw as accurate a line as possible between the young man seen in “Jughead” and the man outside the hospital in which Desmond Hume lies badly injured. So, you know, not a difficult job at all there. Cough.

So those are the broad topics, but I want to include as many of your questions as possible in order to inform the writing of these particular essays. If there’s anything you’d like to see in any of these essays, by all means, leave them in the comments below! Your questions will help me have a better sense of what you want answered when it comes to The Others.

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Posted by:Ryan McGee