ryan dharma station 4 leaf clover.jpgWe’re back with another edition of “Orientation: Ryan Station.” As always, Maureen Ryan from the Chicago Tribune and I met up on the interwebs to talk the latest episode of “Lost.” This time, however, she brought along a special guest: Alan Sepinwall of the New Jersey Star-Ledger and “What’s Alan Watching?” Getting to talk with one of my favorite television critics about my favorite show? Awesome. Getting to talk with two of them at once? Even better.

The plan, as always: watch the latest episode of “Lost” via Hulu from our respective locales around the country and talk about what we’re watching. Think of these as insta-audio commentaries about “Lost”: no need to wait for the DVDs to come out, people! We’re living in an instant gratification society, people! Mo, Alan, and myself spent nearly an hour discussing the finer points of “The Substitute” while giving our thoughts on “Lost” as a whole for your listening pleasure.

I’ve embedded the episode on Hulu below, with the audio commentary just below that. We intro for about 1:50, then get into the episode itself. Enjoy!


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