emilie de ravin lost s6 320 3 'Lost': 'Orientation: Ryan Station' talks 'Lighthouse' with special guest Todd VanDerWerffI almost turned into a Luddite this weekend, “Lost” fans. Normally, I love me some technology, but these past few days have made me rethink my positions on a few things. I’m not saying that SkyNet is just around the corner from wiping out humanity as we know it, but I will say that when I make my millions selling knock-off Sham Wows on the Boston city streets, I’m hiring a producer to do these podcasts for me.

Long story short: we did the original podcast on Friday night. I think it went pretty well. As per usual, Maureen “Mo” Ryan from The Chicago Tribune and myself chatted about the latest episode of the show, this time with special guest Todd VanDerWerff of The Onion’s AV Club, The Los Angeles Times, and various and sundry other websites. My MacBook, however, decided that it was apparently not up to its standards and crashed the program that records them about 80% of the way through. So we rescheduled for today, which we thought would actually work out:  Todd was attending the “Lost” panel at PaleyFest (which a few of my Zap2it colleagues also attended) and Mo and I were anxious to pick his brains about the event.

Unfortunately for Todd, his laptop was stolen on the way home from the event. Poor guy lost all of his important files thanks to a robber on the train. But Todd being the rock star that he is agreed to still do the podcast with us anyways, albeit via his cellphone and not Skype. So the quality’s not top-notch with his portion of things, but perfectly legible and full of cool insight. (And he managed to eventually post full insights of his own.)

Big programming note before we get to the podcast itself: we’re on iTunes now! Yup, they let just about anyone in there these days. You can click this link in order to sync up your iTunes with the podcast and automatically get them when they are posted. Alternatively, you can just do a search for “Orientation: Ryan Station” in the iTunes store and we’ll pop up. There’s also the option to right click the file at the bottom of this entry and save it directly to your laptop.

As always, this podcast works on two levels: an a virtual audio commentary for the latest episode of the show, and a general 45-50 minute discussion of all things relevant in the “Lost” world. I’ve embedded the Hulu player for “Lighthouse” below so you can follow along, but it’s absolutely not essential to watch the episode while listening. We’ve structured these podcasts to appeal equally to both parties.

Highlights of this podcast: the word Damon Lindelof used to to describe the last three hours of the show, the nature of the sideways timelines up until this point, and what “Lost” would be like if David Caruso had been cast as Jacob. Good times, people. Good times. Enjoy!


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