terry oquinn lost s6 320 2 'Lost': 'Orientation: Ryan Station' talks 'Sundown'Maureen “Mo” Ryan from The Chicago Tribune couldn’t wait to talk about this week’s episode of “Lost,” so we quickly scheduled a podcast in order to rehash the episode. While we liked the episodes to varying degrees, we found plenty of common ground upon which to base our weekly podcast. I could probably spend most of my waking hours picking her brain about the show, and I’m lucky to spend a little time each week doing so. Hopefully you’ve enjoy our discussions to date.

A few programming notes: as I mentioned last week, this podcast is now available on iTunes. It’s also available for download just below the embedded player at the end of this entry. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend listening to us on the treadmill as a way to keep your adrenaline pumping, but both are still great ways to listen to the podcast on the go. While Mo and I discuss the episode as we watch it from our respective abodes, these podcasts work both as audio commentaries for the eps as well as general discussions of “Lost” in general. I’ve embedded the Hulu player for “Sundown” below, but you need not have to watch along with it to enjoy the podcast.

(One last programming note: don’t miss my latest “Course Corrections” article, also about “Sundown.” Apparently, there was a lot to talk about concerning this week’s hour of television.)

Next week, we’ll have another special guest in the virtual booth with us. But for this week, it’s just Mo and I. As she says at the start of the podcasts: “Two Ryans enter. Only one leaves.” Sadly, she got Dogen’s dagger, so I think I’m a goner. But listen for yourself and see!


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